Son AlzinesA piece of history since 1428

In the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, Son Alzines is the perfect location to produce the best olive oil. Centenary olive trees recently restored and its unique mediterranean climate give our olive oil its premium flavour.

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Panoramic view from behind the houses of Son Alzines, with the Puig Major and Puig Massanella at the end of the image. On the right side you can see the Puig Caragoler and the Puig Roig. The finca is located among the highest mountains of Mallorca.

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Olive Trees

Ancient olive trees on old terraces, in the background the puig Montagudell is the highest elevation of the property with 656 meters high

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These trees produce olives from the Mallorquina variety, recognized by the Designation of Origin "Oli de Mallorca". Thanks to a carefull process and to its climate we ensure a hign quality and quantity.

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Partial view of the olive trees field with a cultivable area behind.

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In Majorca's winter images like this one are very rare, but on top of the Serra de Tramuntana they are more common.

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The olive tree of the Malloquina variety, as other fruit trees, needs a number of cold days to get a good flowering, this is the key why only Mallorquina variety grows properly at the Serra de Tramuntana area.

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The harvest of these olive trees is hard and expensive due to the rocky ground and the distance between trees, nevertheless we think that the quality, the taste and the personality of the oil obtained from these trees is worth the effort

The road from Pollensa to Lluc, in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, divides the land property in two halves of almost equal size. At the kilometric point 15,8 you get access through the gates to both sides.