Son PelayThe future

Recently transmited from our family, this finca and its lands are the future of Oli d'Ullaro. On them we have allready planted new olive trees to satisfy the increasing demand of our oil.

A promising future, at the feet of the Serra de Tramuntana and on a land with the perfect qualities for olive trees. A new oil press with the highest quality standards to ensure we keep producing our premium quality olive oil.

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New Oil press

With these lands we begin a small expansion process. The construction of new building completly mimetized with the surroundings will allow us to reduce the time between the harvest and the olive processing, wich in fact is the key to get a great and tasteful oil.

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En esta finca cultivamos basicamente Arbequina, y pequeñas cantidades de Mallorquina, las dos variedades que mas gustan y con las que conseguimos el mejor aceite.

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Arboles jovenes y bien cuidados, sembrados siguiendo los estandares modernos, todo pensado para conseguir un buen ratio de produccion y eficiencia sin descuidar la calidad

A los pies de la Serra de Tramuntana y cerca de Lloseta, zonas donde la tierra de cultivo es inmejorable, un enclave envidiable ideal para producir aceite con nuestro estandard de calidad